Are you brave enough?!

Our chicken wings are coated in some of the world’s hottest chillies and spices guaranteed to leave your mouth on fire and your body in sweats!

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£10 deposit is taken before the challenge, IF you’re successful this will be refunded. Challenges take place on Wednesdays & Saturdays.

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Rule 1

You must eat all 7 chicken wings down to the bone. No meat left!

Rule 2

These 7 wings must be eaten in 7 minutes

Rule 3

You are unable to take a drink in the 7 minutes of the challenge and the 5 minute burn period.


After this there is a 5 minute burn period (during this whole challenge you cannot wipe your mouth)

Rule 5

You cannot go to the bathroom during this challenge

Rule 6

You must wear gloves during this challenge to prevent the burning of fingers!

Rule 7

Vomiting will result in instant disqualification and total shame

Rule 8

Remember you agreed to do the challenge. Don’t blame anyone else!

Bring on the Milk!

When you give up… or in the unlikely event of completing the challenge. You’re given a pint of milk to extinguish the heat in your mouth.

Good luck!

You’re going to need it

To take the challenge you must sign our 7 Deadly Wings Challenge Accident Waiver & Release of Liability which is supplied on the evening.

If successful you're awarded...

An “I beat the 7 Deadly Wings” t-shirt which proves that you’re a superhuman hot wing munching machine.
The Red Dog Hot Wing Challenge T-Shirt

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