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An exquisite wine selection, it’s a Grog haven!

Come and visit The Grog Shop at The Red Dog

The Grog Shop

With the legend of ‘The Red Dog’ entrenched in Australian folklore it will be no surprise to you that our own liquor store is located in the restaurant

What is Grog?

The Grog Shop – the word ‘grog’ being our aussie term of endearment for an alcoholic drink!

Browse our selection

Feel free to browse the wide selection of wines from differing parts of the world, and make your own choice as to whether to drink in with your meal, or take away (at special prices) and enjoy at home.

Can we try the wine?

At The Red Dog we have a small dedicated tasting room suitable for groups of up to twelve people or for larger numbers we can accommodate everyone in The Barn.

How do we participate?

Contact us if you would like to participate in a wine tasting event.

Call: 01376 571 906     Email: