November Update

Once again we are heading into a national lockdown.

But unsurprisingly the spirit of the local community has once again shone brightly. Last week we offered free kids meals to anyone who needed help. This ran alongside “our kids eat free”
promotion. It was a real case of the milk of human kindness, how many customers insisted on not taking up our promotion to support those less fortunate than them within the community.

Thank you.

Business-wise we will continue with our takeaways through the lockdown.
We will be open Wednesday till Sunday Evening.
I will be in the kitchen, so the cordial abuse will have to be put on hold until next month!!!!!
Stay safe, and take care.

Wednesday – 5pm till 8pm (kids eat free, Ts & Cs)
Thursday – 5pm till 8pm (kids eat free, Ts & Cs)
Friday – 5pm till 8pm
Saturday – 4pm till 8pm
Sunday – 4pm till 7.30pm